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We specialize in creating scalable enterprise applications that can be hosted locally or in the cloud using Fully Managed Agile Application Development strategies.

Imagine how much you can achieve by focusing on what you do best while we create your application for you!

Date Palm Media LLC Agile Application Development Services


Where Design Meets Development

We are an Agile Application Development Team focused on delivering enterprise solutions to our clients.

Our mix of front-end and back-end developers with a strong design and leadership team are able help you refine your ideas and processes.

We will turn your idea into a well-oiled machine that can help you and your customers get repeatable results.

Agile Application Development Services

Fully Managed Development


Our  project managers oversee your Agile Application Development project from beginning to end. You can focus on growing your business and taking care of your customers.

Partially Managed Development


While our team takes care of most daily tasks, your non-dev team members continue work in other areas to meet your needs.

Our teams will communicate clearly with one another, staying on the same page while we achieve your goals.

Hybrid Team Development

Reserved for experienced development groups looking to work more directly with our team.

In Hybrid Team Dev, each team will still report directly to their own managers while allowing the combined efforts from both groups to accomplish goals

Operational Support Services

Dev Ops Management and Support

Our expert team has experience managing Agile Application development in the cloud and on bare metal. We will monitor and keep your application running for you day and night.

Production Application Customer Support

As an experienced Software as a Service (SaaS)  development and support team we can help you implement best practice communication and customer support strategies that will help you grow your business.

Information Technology Support

We are able to provide IT services to existing clients and select customers. Ask if we are the right fit for your businesses IT needs during your consultation.

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