What is the mean of Link Issue?

Linking Issue basically allows you to create connection/association between two available issues on either the same or different JIRA servers.

Reason for Linking

It depends on Organization need, but normally the link is happened due to following reason:

  • An issue may relate to another.
  • An issue may duplicate another.
  • An issue may block another.

Linking Issue Allows you to: 

  • Create a new linked issue from an existing issue in a service desk or business project.
  • Create an association between an issue and a Confluence page.
  • Link an issue to any other web page.

How DatePalm Media Link the issue?

Mostly we just link the issue to make a series of step by step process, and for this, we choose, “has to be done before and has to be done after” option to make a step by step series of the complete project.

Step 1: To link the issue to another, let’s open the issue ——–> more option ——-> and link as below :

Step 2: After Click, Link window will appear as below

Select the option, has to be done before or has to be done after (See below image)

Warning: The linking of the issue depends on the Gliffy image connection series. So make sure when you select the before and after option.

Step 3: Write any comment if needed (Optional)

If you want to write any comment then write on comment box else just clicked on link button to finish this link process as per below image.