Step 1: Compile a list of words and phrases which suits your product

Write 4 to 5 words in a line which describe your service or product

Note: What you are going to offer is the main thing for keyword research. Think to yourself: When the user searches this query, what are they looking for? What do they want? If they find my site, will their needs be met?

Let suppose, your product is Online Graphic Design Service

So following would be the list of your product:

So Graphic Design, Logo Design, Brochure Design, Flyer, Business Card Design, App Icon Design,  and much more belongs to your Web and Graphic Design Online Service Product.

Step 2: Let’s Open the Adword,

Now if you are at Google Adword Keyword Planner you will find three option showed in picture

Choose the first option “Search for new keyword using a phrase, website or category”

Select the first option and enter compiled list of words and phrase on search bar

Step 3: Check if the list of keyword/result exactly describing your product. If yes Than

You will find a search result of your list like below

Step 4: Look Your Keyword Search Volume

Look at Average Monthly Search of selected keyword

High Search Volume mean high consumer demand for this product or information related this. Mean identifying demands

In a list of keywords, Try to select keywords and long tail keyword phrase that is best and in high rating.

Step 5: Competitive Analysis of Keyword

Search the keyword on Google if the result appears then the keyword is working.

Like if you choose business cards online, enter in google search and Now look at who else is ranking for your keyword phrase. Who are your competitors for the top ten, or top three? What are they doing? What language are they using? Do they have the keyword phrase in their Title, Description, and body copy?

NOTE: To get an even more detailed view of how competitive your keyword phrase is doing a Google search for “Allintitle: keyword” where the keyword is your keyword phrase.


  • Do you see highly authoritative big brands in the top ten? Like 1500, 1000 monthly so leave this keyword and give up
  • If you don’t see results that offer products and services similar to yours… mean your keyword has two meaning so it means there is no traffic of your keyword. Leave this.