Our Team

Date Palm Media LLC is composed of a diverse group of team members whose backgrounds cover a wide breadth of skills focused on ensuring we have the ability to create and manage your Agile Software Application Development needs.

 The team works together across multiple time zones to provide 24 hour response times, and huge benefits of communication and implementation speed when implementing and supporting your Application Development Lifecycle.

Joseph Dattilo is the CEO and founder of Date Palm Media LLC when you manage a project through the team he is the focal point of project management, and team management.

M. Hidayatulloh, Prakash, Joseph, and Mark have strong backend skills and handle things like Database modeling, API integrations, Firmware, and advanced test development.

Kat, Abul, Aisha, and Syd focus on visual UI/UX (user interface and user experience), photo editing, and graphic design. Together they work together to bring the User Experience up to a professional and easy to use level, and can provide striking art/graphical assets to make your application and brand pop.

Aisha, Mark, and Joseph work together to create test plans, automated tests, and ensure the overall integrity of your Agile Application Development lifecycle. Together we make sure that releases are well tested and meet your expectations even at rapid paces of development.

Joseph and Zaki work together on advanced Devops management including automated testing, automated deployment, backup, and site monitoring tools so you know your site is always running smoothly, and that there is a plan in place to recover if anything ever goes wrong.

Together, we are Date Palm Media LLC. The last place you need to look before getting your Agile Application Development project started.


Joseph Datillo

Joseph Dattilo

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Joseph is the CEO of Date Palm Media LLC, and your primary point of contact for Agile Application Development planning and management. He has over 25 years of Hardware/Software Engineering and Project Management experience.


Muhammad Hidayatulloh S

Software Developer

Hidayatulloh is an experienced Agile Software Application Developer who has been with the team from the beginning. When it comes to Django Python database modeling, API design, and custom functionality you can be sure he will be able to help.


Abul Rehman Hussain

Frontend Developer

Abdu is an experienced agile web application developer who focusses on front end Angular user interfaces and visual improvements, additionally he brings experience in iOS development to the team. 

Katherine Datillo

Katherine Dattilo

Fine & Digital Artist

Katherine is the fine artist behind many professional book covers, logos, and product illustrations and provides an artists touch to the review of our Agile Application Development process, as well as a resource for your brand development. 


Aisha Jamil

Quality Assurance and Clerical Assistant

Aisha specializes in Agile Web Application testing, API Testing, and page mockup review. When it comes to finding ways to improve your application, or identifying defects that need fixed she is always there to help.


Muhammad Zaki

Development Operations Lead (DevOps)

Zaki brings a wealth of experience in Development Operations (DevOps) to our Agile Web Application Development and Deployment capabilities. With his help we can deploy your application to DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or any number of other cloud platforms.


Mark Dearman

Software Developer

Mark is a skilled Agile Application Developer with a unique background and passion for gaming and problem solving that makes him a fabulous Unity Video Game developer, and an excellent addition to our backend Django Python development team.


Muhammad Elsayed

UI/UX Expert and Designer

Elsayed is a gifted Agile Web Application User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) expert. His ability to mockup high fidelity designs for your application will help to reduce the time it takes to develop Angular and other application views while improving the quality of experience you can deliver.


Prakash Kumar

Software Developer

Prakash is uniquely skilled at solving complex API and integration problems during the Agile Application Development Process. His passion for handling interesting and complex problems like integrations and AI work make him a fabulous resource for your more interesting Application Development challenges.


Eric Pike

IT Manager

When it comes to tackling problems with your IT Infrastructure, PC Performance, Printers, or working through problems with your email and network Eric has a wealth of experience providing IT Support. As demand for IT Support has increased we have been able to secure his help and experience for select customers.